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    ? Huronia Land Conservancy
    2021 Virtual Film Festival

    Help support HLC from home!


    The World Tour Paddling Film Festival has gone virtual! Follow the link below to see hairy whitewater action, sea kayakers exploring remote coastlines, northern river canoe expeditions, international river travel films, motivating environmental documentaries and grueling kayak fishing battles.

    Paddling Film Festival


    Our Mission

    "Our mission is to preserve, protect and restore the significant natural and cultural lands of Huronia for their own sake and for present and future generations."

    Where We Work

    We work to conserve Huronia's non-renewable natural and cultural heritage between Georgian Bay and the City of Barrie and between the Highway 400 Corridor and the Town of Wasaga Beach.

    How You Can Help

    • Donate Land
    • Donate Funds
    • Donate time - Volunteer!

    Hogg Creek Wetland

    Our first nature reserve is a 43 acre property found within HLC’s Area of Interest at the headwaters of the Hogg Creek watershed. It includes a provincially significant wetland - the Vasey D.U. Swamp West. The property includes a coniferous forest on either side of the wetland, with some open meadow areas.

    Hogg Creek Wetland

    The of our latest Landowner Questionnaire now available!

    Huronia Land Conservancy:

    • Works cooperatively with private landowners, government and community groups.
    • Preserves species at risk and key natural habitats.
    • Conserves archaeological sites highlighting Huronia's 11,000 years of human history.
    • Safeguards the region's drinking water by protecting areas of groundwater recharge.
    • Creates key corridors and buffers between existing park and conservation lands.
    • Supports scientific and archaeological research.
    • Stresses the importance of education in heritage conservation.
    • Contributes to the aesthetic preservation of the Huronia landscape.

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